The Downfall of Individualism and Rise of Collectivism

Ayla Bozkurt | “One day there will be a civilization not needing to work, a civilization only dreams, wealthy enough to be able to dream and because it dreams it will stay wealthy forever.” (D’anna, 23, the school for gods).    Think of the current world system and how it operates inside and reflects on […]

Hedonia and Eudaimonia

Aysu Koman & Ceyda Serra Yaşar | Discussion about hedonia and eudaimonia has a long history that is older than baby boomers or other previous generations. They were first discussed by the philosophers in BC. Such long-lasting debates about the two concepts grabbed our attention. Positive psychology turned its attention to them in the 2000s. Since […]

Sociability: Apparently Not a Fate. The Relationship Between Attachment, Sociability and Subjective Well-Being

Çağlar Arı, Muhammed Ali Yılmaztekin | “Never miss a party… it’s good for the nerves– like celery” – F. Scott Fitzgerald  The contribution of socializing to subjective well-being (SWB) is stressed by both the scientific literature and public. It is often claimed that by socializing, we can make friends to feel less lonely and gain […]

Can We Be Happier via Learning More About Psychology?

Melis Yılmaz |  Positive psychology, which is a newer field, crosses the line of psychology’s focus on “abnormality” and questions how each individual can live a happier and more satisfying life.   As an answer to the question of “how people can be happy?”, different theories give different answers. However, in common, they all focus on […]

Have we overestimated the effect of having a romantic relationship on our life satisfaction level?

Nigar Huseynova | All our life is spent on finding the right person for ourselves because there is a common belief that we will be happier if we find our lifelong partner. Unfortunately, we were wrong thinking that finding a special person and starting a relationship will increase our life satisfaction level because this study […]


Gökçe Elif Yılmaz, Su Ayhan | As young adults (teenagers) who were mostly born and raised in a city, we all heard our parents say, one day they’ll move to rural areas and spend the rest of their lives in a village. In their minds, people living in rural areas are somewhat happier and calmer […]

What was the last time did you socialize with yourself?

Ali Küçüknane |  Have you ever felt like you have some word that would not fit the flow of the conversation or context, but you want to say? Or, in your school years, in the class of that so severe teacher, did you ever want to scream some non-sense lyrics that you just have created? […]


Yaren Yiğit, Elena Sağtürk | Mutluluk nedir? Hayatta sizi mutlu eden şeyler nedir? Anlık bir iyi hissetme hali mi, yoksa sürece yayılmış bir hoşnutluk durumu mu? Mutluluk, yüzyıllardan beri bütün insanların peşinde koştuğu ve kaynağını araştırdıkları bir duygu. Felsefenin de temel konuları arasında yer alan mutluluk kavramı Sokrates, Aristoteles gibi pek çok filozof tarafından üzerine […]

Bilinçli farkındalık, multitasking ve yaşam memnuniyeti arasındaki bağlantı nedir?

Serra Erdal |  Tam şuan da, bilgisayarınızdaki açık olan internet sekmelerini kontrol edin- Aynı anda kaç tane sekme açık. Mesela ben bu yazıyı yazarken arkada e-posta adresim açık ve bir ödevle alakalı açıklama maili bekliyorum. Kafamda olan bir diğer şey ise en yakın arkadaşımın beş gün sonra doğum günü ve ona ne hediye almalıyım. İşte […]

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