Applied Projects

From Culture of Power to Empowerment: An Intervention Program for Leadership Development and Cultural Change​

How do organizations increase innovation and agility in today’s VUCA environment? Majority countries of the world experience “power hierarchies” in their cultural context (see,, which implies centralized decision making, paternalistic leadership, conformity and loyalty to authority. Innovation and agility do not flourish in the culture of power. Prof. Zeynep Aycan developed a training and consulting program for the new generation leaders who can transform the culture of power to that of empowerment in their organizational context. The program is comprised of 5 modules. They are the paths through which culture is transformed (Figure 1 below). The program is comprised of 4 components: need assessment with a standardized measurement tool, lectures, experiential learning activities, and one-on-one coaching. It has been delivered in profit and non-profit organizations. The effectiveness of this program has been tested by pre- and post-intervention assessments.

Coaching IWOP Students to Be ‘Trainers’ – May 2019

Graduate student members of the Leadership Lab provided coaching to undergraduate students taking the IWOP course. Undergraduate students were asked to design and implement three-hour trainings to working adults and student clubs on a wide range of topics such as “teamwork”, “work-life balance”, “agility in workplace”, and “green workplace behavior” as a part of the course’s applied projects assignment. LLab members trained the trainers and provided coaching to undergraduates.

Assessment Center Project for GLLP – June 2019

Leadership Lab members designed and implemented an assessment center for the selection of the new cohort of the Global Learning and Leadership Program (GLLP; The GLLP is a track certificate program providing students with the opportunity to acquire global competencies to thrive in a 21st century world Specially designed assessment center consists of multiple activities that measure applicants’ competencies on leadership, environmental awareness, communication, diversity awareness, teamwork, problem solving and vision.

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