Zeynepzaycan Aycan is a Professor with dual appointment in the Department of Psychology and Faculty of Management at Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey. She holds the Koç Holding Chair of Management and Strategy. She is the Graduate Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities. Aycan received her Doctoral Degree from Queen’s University, Canada, and conducted post-doctoral studies McGill University, Faculty of Management. Aycan’s research focuses on the impact of culture on various aspects of organizational processes, including leadership, human                                                          resource management, women’s career development and                                                    work-life balance.

Aaaydinlirzu Aydinli is a psychologist focusing on social and industrial / organizational psychology from a cross-cultural perspective. She was enrolled in a Joint Doctorate Program between Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey) and recently obtained her degree from both universities. Her research interest revolves around identifying motivational pathways leading to helping and volunteering, from a cross-cultural perspective. Moreover, she is interested in studying gender and leadership, ethnic identity, acculturation, and biculturalism.

bbaskurtA. Burcin Baskurt is a PhD Candidate in social and organizational psychology in Koç University.  She earned her BA degree from sociology department at Bogazici University and MA degree from comparative studies in history and society at Koc University. Her doctorate research concentrates on career decisions and career changes of young people in Turkey. Her main areas of research include interrelations between gender, work and education. She has been working in research projects on career tracks of social sciences and humanities PhD graduates,entrepreneurial success, positive youth development, new definitions of culture, and fears of women and men in leadership positions.

amutluerAybike Mutluer is a management scholar focusing on emergence and effectiveness of leadership and its role in institutionalisation of organisations from a cross-cultural perspective. She obtained two masters degrees, MSc. in Economics in Tilburg University and MA in Political Science in Sabancı University, and had 2 years of management consultancy experience in Ernst & Young (EY) and Deloitte. She is currently enrolled in Management and Strategy PhD program in Koç University.

salomesheliaSalome Shelia earned her MA in Psychology from Tbilisi State University specializing I/O psychology. After several years of working in an major non-profit organization, Salome pursued her MBA degree from CWRU Weatherhead School of Management and IMC. Having gained extensive experience on managerial positions across wide variety of industries and working as a management consultant in general management, OD and HRM, Salome decided to take a scientific look at leadership and contribute to bringing                                                 the academia and industry closer for the benefit of both.                                                         Salome’s research interests cover leadership emergence,                                                     leadership effectiveness and leadership development in                                                         culturally diverse contexts. Her current research focuses on                                                 emotional components of the Fear of Leadership (Aycan, in                                                   preparation) and their physiological correlates.

ScottWithrowScott Withrow is an Industrial and Organizational       psychologist who specializes in Psychometrics and Occupational Health Psychology. Specifically, in studying psychometrics, he focuses on refining current measurement techniques, substantively applying measurement to understand psychological processes, and applying item response theory models to a wide range of IO topics. His OHP research is focused on occupational deviancy constructs (incivility, rudeness, abusive                                                                  supervision, etc.) and their consequences on employee                                                        health.

BingchunlinBing Chun Lin is a faculty member in Management & Strategy. His research falls into four major topics. First, Bing studies the micro-interactions of employees at work, and examines the long-term effects of daily employee social interactions. Second, he examines the nonwork experiences and activities of employees, and how they help employees recover from the demands of work. Third, Bing studies the emotional expression of leaders, and how these emotions affect follower perceptions. Finally, he studies how the scientific method is used in the study of organizations and employees.